Body Stress Release:

Unlocking tension – Restoring self-healing

Welcome to my website! I am Annabel Boys, Body Stress Release (BSR) practitioner and Health Coach. This website explains what Body Stress Release is and how it can help with chronic aches and pains. Please have a read and look at a few of of the case studies and testimonials and I hope that you might be encouraged to try out BSR for yourself.

Why Body Stress Release?
Body Stress Release is a safe, natural, hands-on technique which is suitable for everyone, from infants to the elderly. It helps your body to heal itself by releasing locked-in tension from your muscles. BSR is very gentle, relaxing and often highly effective where other techniques have failed.  Read more …,

Common sources of body stress include:

  • Whiplash from car accidents or extreme sports. Stress can become locked into your neck leading to stiffness, pain, reduced mobility or headaches.
  • Poor posture when standing or sitting can lead to back pain and chronic postural distortions.
  • Repetitive Strain Injury from repetitive movements in sports or while working
  • An accident or fall

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