“I started working with Annabel after suffering from long term back pain due to disc degeneration. When I made my first appointment with her  I had exhausted the conventional medical options and felt fairly let down by my GP and the Consultants.  I was using pain relief on a regular basis, simple physical tasks such as walking or gardening caused a lot of discomfort and my self esteem was really low.

I found Annabel’s’ explanation of BSR logical and the treatments non intrusive and pain free. Over a period of 14 months I have now stopped using pain killers, I am exercising on a regular basis  and I have  built up my strength and fitness. I still have a way to go but I feel that Annabel’s input has played an integral part in me getting back to being fit, active and happy again.” (Sarah, aged 38, Managing Director)

Ruth, aged 36 years ”My back first ‘went’ when I was 19. From then on, it locked up about three times a year. X-rays and scans showed nothing wrong, so I learned to live with it. When it ‘went’ for the 40th time, I didn’t recover – I couldn’t move and was in constant pain. BSR is the only technique that helped me. I felt immediate pain relief and regained substantial mobility after only five releases. I have had regular releases for 14 months now and so far this the first year in 15 years without a backfailure!”

“After 38 years of life including 3 children, my body was not what it used to be. Chronic pelvic discomfort, neck and back ache where a part of every day life. Despite trying other forms of therapies and treatments, BSR finally proved to be the answer. Gentle BSR releases over a number of weeks have proved in a very unassuming but definite way to really work.  Generally pain free for over 4 months now, (I still have the occasional relapse, that is soon rectified by a visit to Annabel) I can only say that BSR does work and I only wish I’d known about it sooner”. Mother/Business woman, aged 38.

Jill, in her mid thirties, had experienced back problems for 20 years. Her neck muscles regularly spasmed causing headaches, her lower back was stiff and sore and she had intermittent sciatic pain. At times the muscles between her shoulder blades went into painful spasms. She also complained of fatigue. After three months of regular BSR, she reported that the headaches were greatly improved, the sciatic pain had withdrawn and she her mid back had not spasmed at all during this time period.

”I’m so much more energetic too – BSR has made a huge difference to my life”

A retired 61 year old woman presented with general discomfort in her back and considerable restricted neck movement. She also had a long history of bruxism (teeth grinding). During the first two appointments tension was identified and released in her lower back, neck and jaw. She reported a marked improvement in neck mobility and stopped grinding her teeth. Her teeth grinding started again a couple of weeks later, but once ,after a BSR appointment, it stopped. She now comes for regular check-ups to keep the problem at bay.

“My teeth had become very vulnerable after years of grinding. My dentist told me that bruxism is very damaging to the teeth so I was delighted to get such instant relief”