Case Studies & Testimonials


Coccyx pain (coccydynia)

I was diagnosed with coccydynia in early 2010 and subsequently was seen by a specialist in June 2010 who gave me a cortisone injection in my coccyx.  An X-ray was also taken of my coccyx which revealed nothing so he recommended that I should continue with the pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs as and when necessary.  I found this quite depressing as the pain often interfered with day to day living.  In September whilst on holiday in the I.O.W. we found out about BSR and was directed to Annabel Boys for a consultation. 

On the first visit Annabel was able to release a longstanding problem with my neck which was due to an accident 39 years ago.  I can now look over either shoulder without discomfort.  The work on my back and coccyx developed over three further consultations and has progressively improved until I am now free from pain.  Annabel also instructed me on ways to take care of my body through good posture sitting and standing, to help prevent a return of the coccyx problem.

It is with great gratitude that I can say BSR has been of immense benefit, and I am pleased that I gave BSR the chance to help me. I have already recommended Annabel and her work.

To be pain-free is wonderful not only in day to day living, but it has removed the distress I felt every day having to take medicine which only masked the problem.  Thank you Annabel.



A retired lady came for BSR for help with severe sciatic pain down her left leg. She had been experiencing constant pain for 8 months and was using a TENS machine, ibuprofen, paracetamol and dihydrocodeine four times daily to cope. After the first ‘release’, she reported feeling much more energetic and managed to slightly reduce all her medication although her pain was still constant. After the 2nd release she halved the dihydrocodeine she was taking and noticed that the pain had withdrawn substantially, now mainly focused between her knee and foot. Her symptoms continued to improve and she found that she could manage with less and less pain relief until stopping completely (and no longer using the TENS machine) 6 weeks later (after the 7th appointment).

In her words….

“After 8 months of agony, especially on waking n the morning and for the first hour barely able to walk, having to sleep with a pillow between my legs and wearing a TENS machine with electrode patches on my left leg and back, I was in a wretched state. I had tried Doctors – two of whom had suggested back surgery for my sciatica – acupuncture, an osteopath and others. My sister put me in touch with Annabel Boys, a BSR practitioner. I went 8 times, each week feeling some improvement. By the 7th week I was able to shed the pillow from between my legs, the TENS machine and the last of my remaining 3 painkillers. I had been taking 10 per day for months. Thanks to Body Stress Release and Annabel, I am now healthy and happy” Gratefully, HB



“I started working with Annabel after suffering from long term back pain due to disc degeneration. When I made my first appointment with her  I had exhausted the conventional medical options and felt fairly let down by my GP and the Consultants.  I was using pain relief on a regular basis, simple physical tasks such as walking or gardening caused a lot of discomfort and my self esteem was really low.

I found Annabel’s’ explanation of BSR logical and the treatments non intrusive and pain free. Over a period of 14 months I have now stopped using pain killers, I am exercising on a regular basis  and I have  built up my strength and fitness. I still have a way to go but I feel that Annabel’s input has played an integral part in me getting back to being fit, active and happy again.” (Sarah, aged 38, Managing Director)
“My back first ‘went’ when I was 19. From then on, it locked up about three times a year. X-rays and scans showed nothing wrong, so I learned to live with it. When it ‘went’ for the 40th time, I didn’t recover – I couldn’t move and was in constant pain. BSR is the only technique that helped me. I felt immediate pain relief and regained substantial mobility after only five releases. I have had regular releases for 14 months now and so far this the first year in 15 years without a backfailure!” Ruth, aged 36 years

“After 38 years of life including 3 children, my body was not what it used to be. Chronic pelvic discomfort, neck and back ache where a part of every day life. Despite trying other forms of therapies and treatments, BSR finally proved to be the answer. Gentle BSR releases over a number of weeks have proved in a very unassuming but definite way to really work.  Generally pain free for over 4 months now, (I still have the occasional relapse, that is soon rectified by a visit to Annabel) I can only say that BSR does work and I only wish I’d known about it sooner” Mother/Business woman, aged 38

Jill, in her mid thirties, had experienced back problems for 20 years. Her neck muscles regularly spasmed causing headaches, her lower back was stiff and sore and she had intermittent sciatic pain. At times the muscles between her shoulder blades went into painful spasms. She also complained of fatigue. After three months of regular BSR, she reported that the headaches were greatly improved, the sciatic pain had withdrawn and she her mid back had not spasmed at all during this time period.

“I’m so much more energetic too – BSR has made a huge difference to my life”

A retired 61 year old woman presented with general discomfort in her back and considerable restricted neck movement. She also had a long history of bruxism (teeth grinding). During the first two appointments tension was identified and released in her lower back, neck and jaw. She reported a marked improvement in neck mobility and stopped grinding her teeth. Her teeth grinding started again a couple of weeks later, but once ,after a BSR appointment, it stopped. She now comes for regular check-ups to keep the problem at bay.

“My teeth had become very vulnerable after years of grinding. My dentist told me that bruxism is very damaging to the teeth so I was delighted to get such instant relief”



Mrs X, aged 74 years, had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s which she thought was at the root of her mobility problems and weakness in her arms. On her first visit, she could only lift her arms to touch the sides of her neck with great difficulty. She also suffered from what she described as a ‘wooden head’ – the left side of her skull was numb – and an excessive production of saliva. Her posture was stooped and she had great difficulty twisting or looking upwards. After her fourth release the tension in her neck began to ease and the numb patch on her skull began to tingle as nervous communication was restored. The excess saliva had also settled. After the seventh release she found she was able to raise her hands above her head for the first time in years, her head felt fine and she had experienced no further saliva problems.


“At first, I was extremely sceptical about BSR, but I can honestly say that it’s had an amazing effect. For years, I have had a painful neck especially when turning my head to the left. After three visits my neck feels great and I’ve been sleeping like a baby. Thanks Annabel!”  Tim, West Sussex.


Joe (42 years old) had had a constant pain in his chest for two years. Medical tests were negative. Body stress was released in his lower back and rib areas

“I was stunned! After just three sessions of BSR my chest pain was completely gone -Unbelievable! I also feel stronger and more flexible at the gym”


“After three years of intense headaches 5-6 times a month I was willing to try anything. The GP had diagnosed my problem as “tension headaches” but offered nothing to address the cause. Long courses of osteopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture and deep tissue massage had helped a little, but the headaches persisted several times a month. I was amazed how quickly BSR seemed to help. It took several months of regular appointments for the headaches to stop completely, but the severity of the pain reduced early on and I was able to carry on with the day rather than having to lie down” Rachel aged 35


A 48 year old man was experiencing such intense calf pain that he was unable to walk. He was not aware of any pain in his lower back. A week of traction in hospital had not eased the problem. After the first session the lower back became very painful as feeling was restored to numbed nerves. The calf pain was unchanged.

After the second session, the pain withdrew from the calves and was felt in the hips, thighs and the lower back. After a third release, the pain in the lower back began to lessen. The final session was three days after that. Within two weeks the client was pain-free and was able to return to work.

“Having had previous BSR treatment for the odd ache and pain, I booked a session to fix my badly sprained ankle. I had fallen awkwardly in early December, and whilst being reassured by A&E, in early January, that nothing was broken (or if it had been, it was too late then anyway), but all they said was that it would take time so I visited Annabel in the hope that a course of BSR might help. After my 2nd session I noticed a remarkable improvement. I left Annabel’s at lunchtime, and then had a 2 hour drive during which I felt my ankle improve, by the time I stopped to do some shopping it was almost perfect, an almost biblical experience! Initially a little sceptical that it would last, I monitored it for the rest of the evening and found that it continued to improve and by nightfall was perfect. What was even more exciting was that next morning it still was, and remained so!” (Retired male company director aged 62).


James, aged 32 had experienced intense abdominal discomfort for 18 months. Medical tests were negative and he was given a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

“I tried BSR as a last resort really – I wasn’t at all convinced it was going to help me. At first I thought I was imagining the improvements I noticed and put it down to drinking less coffee at work. However, after four releases I had to admit to myself that the pain really was better. I would thoroughly recommend Annabel!”

Female (aged 51) suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) complained that her tummy was embarrassingly noisy particularly during the afternoon at work. She was also experiencing considerable discomfort. After her first session she felt very tired and found that her back ached more than usual the following day. After the second session she felt tired for a couple of days and then experienced a marked increase in her energy levels. By the third session she reported that her IBS was much improved. She has continued to come for ‘maintenance’ sessions every couple of months and has experienced few further problems since (6 months).

Retired male aged 67 years sought relief from after effects of treatment for bowel cancer including exteme tiredness, lethargy and insomnia.

“Having suffered extensive abdominal difficulties following bowel surgery, combined with a twelve cycle chemotherapy treatment regime, I was desperate to seek a solution. The BSR concept was a recommended option which I pursued. I believe that BSR was instrumental in a speedy improvement in my health and the relevant desired recovery. However, my additional after-effect problem of ‘Peripheral Neuropathy’ remains a challenge for BSR ……. there is apparently no currently known cure”



“After damaging my shoulder in a bad skiing accident I had long courses of physiotherapy and acupuncture but was still experiencing problems 4 years later. After a few sessions with Annabel I was astounded by the improvement, not only to posture of my back but to the reduction of the pain in my shoulder. I have kept up with the simple exercises that she has given me and have not experienced any problems since.” Female, aged 27.



Mrs L (aged 66 years) was very restless at night, but habitually fell asleep in front of the TV in the evenings missing even the most riveting programmes much to her frustration! “I had no difficulty getting sleep once in bed, but often woke 2 or 3 times in the night finding it hard to get back to sleep. After my second release with Annabel I felt unbelievably tired and slept heavily. I then found that I was still “doing” things until 11.00pm or so – no napping at all – and I was sleeping through until after 6 00am – something I’ve rarely done in a long time.”




There is a mounting evidence base that BSR can help some women with chronic vulval pain – often after years of fruitless searching for a solution. Tension in the lower back and sacrum appears to be linked with increased sensitivity and burning in the genital region. As the tension is relieved, the symptoms begin to lift:

“After 10 years of suffering with vulval pain and having been referred to countless different Health Professionals, I FINALLY have some relief. I NEVER believed it possible! But after just 9 sessions with Annabel I am able to have intercourse with my husband again after TWO YEARS. If only I had found BSR earlier… my dream of having a second child could finally become a reality.” Janet, aged 40.


Menstrual problems

36 year old Linda –

”My periods were hell: extremly painful and with terrible cramps. I tried to cope by taking painkillers before my period started, but always ended up in bed anyway. My BSR practitioner explained the relationship between the severe tension in my lower back and the pains in my abdominal region. After 15 releases, the cramps stopped and after 20 releases, I had no more pain. I can’t believe it – I don’t have to put my life on hold for 4 days a month anymore!”

A 35 year old woman was amazed to find after regular BSR initially for lower back tension her periods became regular.

“For 20 years my periods seemed to be completely haphazard – I could go up to 10 months without menstruating, particularly if I was stressed at work. I rarely had more than 6 periods a year. Even after having a baby there was no change until I discovered BSR. After just 3 months of regular BSR I found to my utter astonishment that I have a “normal” cycle of 5 weeks. 18 months later and I still haven’t missed one despite moving house, changing jobs and numerous other daily stresses and strains!”



“After three sessions I have certainly noticed an improvement in my back and in my general wellbeing. The best description I can give is a feeling – after the session, and lasting for days – of relaxed energy being released. I am very glad I chose to start, and would say to anyone who suffers from back discomfort or headaches that it’s well worth a try.” Male company director aged 42

“When I first came to see Annabel I was tired, run-down and felt very stressed. I was having trouble sleeping, rarely felt refreshed on waking in the morning and was suffering from frequent anxiety attacks particularly in the mornings. My legs felt heavy, my back felt stiff and achy and my neck and shoulders were tense. As she worked on me I could feel the tension leaving my shoulders. I went home, slept soundly and woke the next day feeling refreshed. By the third appointment, my back was feeling much better and my legs were no longer ‘heavy’ although my shoulders were still intermittently tight. I was also sleeping much better and rarely felt anxious in the mornings. Eight weeks down the line (and after 5 appointments) I felt physically great and had good energy levels despite a heavy workload. I genuinely feel that BSR was invaluable in helping me through a very stressful period of my life and I will continue to have regular ‘tune-up’ sessions.” Male college lecturer, aged 42.

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