“After three sessions I have certainly noticed an improvement in my back and in my general wellbeing. The best description I can give is a feeling – after the session, and lasting for days – of relaxed energy being released. I am very glad I chose to start, and would say to anyone who suffers from back discomfort or headaches that it’s well worth a try.” Male company director aged 42

“When I first came to see Annabel I was tired, run-down and felt very stressed. I was having trouble sleeping, rarely felt refreshed on waking in the morning and was suffering from frequent anxiety attacks particularly in the mornings. My legs felt heavy, my back felt stiff and achy and my neck and shoulders were tense. As she worked on me I could feel the tension leaving my shoulders. I went home, slept soundly and woke the next day feeling refreshed. By the third appointment, my back was feeling much better and my legs were no longer ‘heavy’ although my shoulders were still intermittently tight. I was also sleeping much better and rarely felt anxious in the mornings. Eight weeks down the line (and after 5 appointments) I felt physically great and had good energy levels despite a heavy workload. I genuinely feel that BSR was invaluable in helping me through a very stressful period of my life and I will continue to have regular ‘tune-up’ sessions.” Male college lecturer, aged 42.