There is a mounting evidence base that BSR can help some women with chronic vulval pain – often after years of fruitless searching for a solution. Tension in the lower back and sacrum appears to be linked with increased sensitivity and burning in the genital region. As the tension is relieved, the symptoms begin to lift:

“After 10 years of suffering with vulval pain and having been referred to countless different Health Professionals, I FINALLY have some relief. I NEVER believed it possible! But after just 9 sessions with Annabel I am able to have intercourse with my husband again after TWO YEARS. If only I had found BSR earlier… my dream of having a second child could finally become a reality.” Janet, aged 40.

Menstrual problems

36 year old Linda – ”My periods were hell: extremly painful and with terrible cramps. I tried to cope by taking painkillers before my period started, but always ended up in bed anyway. My BSR practitioner explained the relationship between the severe tension in my lower back and the pains in my abdominal region. After 15 releases, the cramps stopped and after 20 releases, I had no more pain. I can’t believe it – I don’t have to put my life on hold for 4 days a month anymore!”

A 35 year old woman was amazed to find after regular BSR initially for lower back tension her periods became regular. 

“For 20 years my periods seemed to be completely haphazard – I could go up to 10 months without menstruating, particularly if I was stressed at work. I rarely had more than 6 periods a year. Even after having a baby there was no change until I discovered BSR. After just 3 months of regular BSR I found to my utter astonishment that I have a “normal” cycle of 5 weeks. 18 months later and I still haven’t missed one despite moving house, changing jobs and numerous other daily stresses and strains!”