A retired lady came for BSR for help with severe sciatic pain down her left leg. She had been experiencing constant pain for 8 months and was using a TENS machine, ibuprofen, paracetamol and dihydrocodeine 4 times daily to cope. After the first ‘release’, she reported feeling much more energetic and managed to slightly reduce all her medication although her pain was still constant. After the 2nd release she halved the dihydrocodeine she was taking and noticed that the pain had withdrawn substantially, now mainly focused between her knee and foot. Her symptoms continued to improve and she found that she could manage with less and less pain relief until stopping completely (and no longer using the TENS machine) 6 weeks later (after the 7th release).

In her words….“After 8 months of agony, especially on waking n the morning and for the first hour barely able to walk, having to sleep with a pillow between my legs and wearing a TENS machine with electrode patches on my left leg and back, I was in a wretched state. I had tried Doctors – 2 of whom had suggested back surgery for my sciatica – acupuncture, an osteopath and others. My sister put me in touch with Annabel Boys, a BSR practitioner. I went 8 times, each week feeling some improvement. By the 7th week I was able to shed the pillow from between my legs, the TENS machine and the last of my remaining 3 painkillers. I had been taking 10 per day for months. Thanks to Body Stress Release and Annabel, I am now healthy and happy

Gratefully HB